Product Introduction:

BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) is a technology that integrates photovoltaic system into building materials or buildings, which is a type of distributed photovoltaic power station. BIPV Module is solar cell be embedded in two pieces’ glass of Façade, while maintaining the functions of enclosure, lighting, viewing and decoration, also, can generate power for building or power grid. changing passive energy saving into active power generation, and further improving the energy saving function, shielding function and decoration function of facade.

BIPV Module is the basic building element to realize distributed power generation, Power generation is used locally and simultaneous, effective peak shaving and valley leveling.


Thin film solar module

Crystalline silicon solar module


Facade, lightroof or canopy

corridors, pedestrian overpasses, sunshades

Product Characteristics

No land demand: only setting up photovoltaic devices on building curtain walls.

Long service life: 20-50 years .

Zero emissions: no fuel, no noise, no pollution, no toxic and harmful gas emissions.

Reliable work: no mechanical movement, safe, maintenance free, unmanned.

Inexhaustibility: Solar energy are never used up (at least 5 billion years), and no significant difference among regions.

‘Golden Power’: Overlapping with peak load, playing a peak shaving role.

Suitable in size: 10W-100GW, can be built and installed in a “building block” style.

Easy installation: The installation structure is simple

Product Specifications

600×1200~2400×3600 (mm)

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