Product Introduction:

Complex curved glass: A curved glass product made by heating flat glass to a softening temperature and bending. The profile of the glass forms curved appearance with two or more Radius, or the same radius is bent in two or more axes. Compared to single curved profile and single radius curved glass, the equipment structure, process complexity, and dimensional accuracy are quite high request for producing complex curved glass. Such products typically have two variations: different axial and coaxial with different Radius. Complex curved glass is mostly tempered glass, which can ensure variable shapes, as well as high strength and safety; it can achieve multi-colour appearance, sound proof, heat insulation, and noise reduction functions after Low-E coating, laminated, or IGU process, is a new type of building curtain wall glass.


Complex curved glass with different axes:J Type、U Type、S Type and etc.

Complex curved glass with different radii: conical, ellipsoidal, etc.


Civil buildings: commercial and residential buildings.

Home furnishing: shower room, vestibule, sunlight room, etc.

Household appliances: panels of refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Product Characteristics

Various shapes: spherical, ellipsoidal, conical, and annular shapes 

Personalized production: meet the individual requirement of Client or architect

Reprocess: For functional requirements such as decoration, energy saving, safety, sound proof, and privacy protection, Low E coating, ceramic frit, laminated, and IGU can be processed.

Product Specifications

Maximum size: 2400X5000mm(94 1/2”~ 196 9/10”)

Thickness for single glass: 5~19mm(1/5”~3/4”)

Arch height ≤ 500mm(19 7/10”)

Detailed Parameters
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