Product Introduction:

DLPG is a pyrolytic, low emissivity glass. The Low-E coating is applied on a substrate of clear float glass by a pyrolytic process called online CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposit)

technology. In winter the aim of the coating is to reflect the heat back to inside of the building to prevent heat loss and keep the indoor climate at an even temperature. In summer, the coating will reduce the amount of reradiated heat into the building thereby keeping indoor cooler and comfortable.

Product Characteristics

Online hard coating

Stable, virtually unlimited shelf life, long life performance

Transparent and neutral color appearance, low light reflection

High light transmission and desirable solar gain

High durability, easy handling & easy processing (cutting, laminating, tempering, bending, screen-printing)

Can be used as single glazing (surface position#2)

No film deletion and no special handling requirement for IGU

Product Specifications


Standard thickness is 3.2mm、4mm、5mm、6mm.8mm、10mm&12mm

Standard Sizes

3 3 0 0 m m x 2 1 4 0 m m ,3 3 0 0 m m x 2 44 0 m m &3300mmx5100mm

(non-standard sizes & jumbo sizes are available upon request)

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